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20, Овен, Estonia, Beautiful
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The world is Pink!
Snow Queen #8
Snow Queen #7
Snow Queen #6
Snow Queen #5
Snow Queen #4
Snow Queen #3
Snow Queen #2
Snow Queen
Total black
Swimming pool!
The Shiny one #7
The Shiny one #6
The Shiny one #5
The Shiny one #4
The Shiny one #3
The Shiny one #2
The Shiny one
Natural beauty
Just me #2
Just me
Pink dress #2
Pink dress
Black lingerie
Soflty nude #2
Softly nude
A cheerleader
Dress #2
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Пол Женщина
Интересуют Девушки, Парни, Пары, Трансы
Возраст 20
Рост 5' - 5'3" [150см - 160см]
Вес 100 - 120 фунтов [45 - 55 кг]
Волосы Светлые
Глаза Голубые
Этническое происхождение Европейское/Кавказское
Языки Русский, Английский
Родной город Beautiful
Интимная стрижка Бритая
Размер груди Средняя
Попа Большая
Меня возбуждает
Горячий 15-ти сантиметровый член, которым ты умеешь пользоваться!
Обо мне
Привет всем!
Я Эльза, мне 20 лет. Я очень люблю знакомится и общаться с новыми людьми, думаю здесь я могу пообщаться с целым миром из своей комнаты!)
Меня отталкивает
Грубость, негатив, попрошайничество
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iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 15 Pro Max
They made its camera so good, I think with this phone I can make photos 10 times sexier!
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Жаль что такая девушка не моя соседка, я б познакомился
Ты будешь очень хорошей женой!
Вы красавица
Elsa, you are very sexy and hot...
I love spend my time with you...
Ti-prekrasna, milaya..skazochno...i seksy, ochen....obozhayu-s pervogo vzglyada...
секси мега стар хули
Лиза как воздух - без нее жить не возможно...... милая улыбчивая кроха. любит попиздеть о чем нибудь , поржать над фигней. Бог дает талант и вдохновение, а заодно и любовь. И любовь — это двигатель, иначе бы талант и вдохновение не могли функционировать.
__💘💘____ ElsaEwans ___💘💘
Hi, I'm Elsa ❤️

Hello everyone!

My name is Elsa, I'm 20 years old. I really enjoy seeing and speaking with new people, I guess here I can speak with the whole world just from my cute room!

Usually I'm pretty shy, but if I notice that I like you, I'll fully open my soul for you. Not only soul sometimes haha ;)

ElsaEwans Hi, I'm Elsa ❤️ image: 1

My hobbies ✨

I can't say that I have many hobbies right now, but that is only because I used to do tons of things when I had more freetime. For example, I used to do such things as: bodyart, singing, learning languages, cycling, making latte-art and sooo on!

Now I feel more concentrated and I chose some useful hobbies, I enjoy making cool photos, making up and doing nails with my friends. That is a big pleasure when someone notes my nails and thinks that I have done them in a beauty saloon, but I actually made them with couple friends on Friday's night! :)

ElsaEwans My hobbies ✨ image: 1

Traveling ✈️

Who doesn't like traveling? And who likes it more than I do? I believe, no one!

Everytime I have an opportunity, I choose a random destination and random type of transport, then I spend maybe a week packing my best clothes and I am on my way to adventures!

I think, the most I like traveling by train in Europe, that is so magical when you see those breathtaking landscapes changing so fast!

But my lazy part says that the most I love laying on the beach with a coconut in hand! haha

ElsaEwans Traveling ✈️ image: 1

Music ♬

Through all my life I go with music.

And that is interesting how musical taste changes time to time. I used to listen a lot of rock and hip hop music when I was younger, now I enjoy lo-fi vibes and electronic music for energetic mood.

I love when people share their music, and I am always happy to listen to your playlist!

ElsaEwans Music ♬ image: 1

Stretching ✌

⠀I love the fact that I can easily do splits and raise my feet higher then my head, I enjoy how my body looks, and my stretching skills help me to be even more elegant and make my moves graceful :)
⠀To reach such results I trained a lot and in February I finally did my first splits! Now I want to move further and make my flexibility like a real gymnast's! My trainer helps me so much, I'm really grateful to her. I guess, alone I would have quit that quickly and wouldn't have so much progress now :)
⠀And it is good for to be flexible because you can easily pick up something with your legs! hahaha

ElsaEwans Stretching ✌ image: 1

My morning routine

⠀It is really important to me to always feel beautiful and fresh, and my key for that - is my morning routine.
⠀Just when I wake up I drink a glass of water, that I prepared before going to sleep, I try not to take my phone until I brush my teeth, but.. let's say I'm still working on it :)
⠀Depending on how well I have been sleeping, I choose a mask for morning chill. If I get enough sleep that night, I put on a calming tea mask, and if I sleep not enough, its a time for waking-up coffee mask!

ElsaEwans My morning routine image: 1

Winter gets closer ❄

⠀Did you notice that we become to wear too much clothing? Even if there is not much snow yet on the streets, you smell the coldness in air. But don't feel cold yet, there also a positive side!

⠀My favorite holidays are coming - Christmas and New Year! I feel this mood of choosing presents to all friends, almost feel the smell of holiday meals and already try to keep in mind that now I have to write 2024 instead of 2023. That is such a exciting time of the year!

⠀Would love to share that holiday with you, exchange some gifts and make wishes together! Will wait you to visit me and check what I prepared for you! :) And if you have something for your good girl, there is a clue what I would love - my wishlist 😉


ElsaEwans Winter gets closer ❄ image: 1

ElsaEwans ⠀ image: 1ElsaEwans ⠀ image: 2ElsaEwans ⠀ image: 3ElsaEwans ⠀ image: 4ElsaEwans ⠀ image: 5